GraphiC for Visual Basic:

The GraphiC Library Now Available for Visual Basic

Scientific Endeavors Corporation announces that its highly-regarded GraphiC software package is now available for Visual Basic programmers. GraphiC/VB is the first scientific graphics library that can be embedded into a Visual Basic program. A Windows Shell is provided as part of the library with options such as zooming and printing available through menus. "This new version gives Visual Basic programmers a way to display high-quality technical graphics for the first time," said Steve Kelley, Vice President of Scientific Endeavors Corporation.

GraphiC is a complete graphical library that allows users to write scientific graphing programs. GraphiC produces dazzling, high-quality vector graphics that may be incorporated into your scientific calculations. Highlights of these stunning vector graphics include: linear and logarithmic X-Y plots, 3-D surfaces, polar, pie, bar and Smith charts, as well as a variety of post processing and output features. Three dimensional surfaces are shaded to allow color changes at contours of constant height or in colored ribbons along grid lines. Contour plots may be color filled between contour levels. "Only a few function calls are needed to create any of the supported plot types," noted Kelley. "GrapiC also provides low-level routines that allow programmers to create new plot types to display data with greater impact."

GraphiC's output resolution is so superior to other plotting packages, many users purchase the product for this reason alone. The colors are extremely clear and crisp, the lines and angles are sharp and the graphs are impeccable and easy to read. GraphiC includes nine different curve types with varied curve thickness, sixteen different curve markers and a palette of 248 colors and patterns for polygon fills.

"The Visual Basic version provides exceptional functionality and is very simple to use. Programmers can use any of the provided example programs as boilerplate to create an application and have it running in twenty minutes or less," explained Kelley. The program has tremendous potential for implementation in industries ranging from aeronautics design to pollution reduction. Essentially, the entire engineering and scientific community will benefit from the program.

GraphiC is available on a wide variety of PC platforms including OS/2, DOS, Windows and Windows NT. The GraphiC interface remains constant regardless of application or platform. The platform-independent approach allows users to easily port their code from one platform to another.

Since 1984, Scientific Endeavors Corporation has been working on solving the graphical data problems for the engineering and scientific community by providing a high-quality software solution. The company prides itself on providing immediate and complete technical support for its customers.

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