GraphiC Licenses

GraphiC is licensed for individual use only. This means that you are free to embed GraphiC code into any executable you create for your own personal use. You are also free to exchange code or executables with anyone else who has purchased a copy of GraphiC.

However, we realize that GraphiC is an excellent tool for creating custom applications for use in your company, or that you want to sell. In these cases, some sort of GraphiC Licensing Agreement is required.

It is in our interest to create an agreement that benefits both parties.

There are several types of GraphiC Licenses:

Site License

Allows an individual in an organization to create as many different GraphiC executables as desired for distribution within the organization. Site Licenses are assigned to an individual in an organization and are transferable if the individual leaves. A GraphiC Site License costs a one-time fee of (US)$1000.

Royalty Agreement

A per-copy royalty on each executable to be sold. The terms are negotiable.

Fixed-Fee Agreement

Usually applies if software containing GraphiC code is distributed to other parties for little or no fee. A single, fixed license fee can be negotiated.

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