A GraphiC Picture Gallery

GraphiC Ad This example shows an advertisement for GraphiC made entirely using GraphiC. The plot illustrates GraphiC 's ability to insert one plot within another, and its sophisticated treatment of text. Semi-Log Plot GraphiC can create your plot legends automatically.
Bar Chart This simple bar chart illustrates stacked bars and a legend that can overlay the plot area. Polar Contours Polar contour plots and curves can be combined to illustrate several quantities at once.
3-D Line PLot Three-dimensional line plots enable you to visualize complicated 3-D curves. NO Pollution data (as measured from an airplane) are easy to display using a "plume" plot.
		Contours With GraphiC, you can combine 3-D surface and stacked contour plots. Projected curves and label Note how curve labels can be projected into 3-D space.
Fill Patterns GraphiC uses a palette of 248 colors and 16 geometric patterns to fill polygons.

The next series of plots illustrates how GraphiC was used to help understand air traffic flow.

Try Zooming This unique plot illustrates the air traffic performance throughout a day at the Knoxville airport. It also illustrates that GraphiC is a vector graphics package. GraphiC plots can be zoomed to display small details. Wedge Plot A snowstorm in Boston causes delays to increase as the day goes on. Since most delays are small (less than 1 hour), the radial scale is nonlinear. Note also the ability to draw character strings on an arc.

Note especially GraphiC's ability to create complicated contours with thousands of sides, internal holes, and multiple disconnected regions. Also, GraphiC can print these contours to output devices such as PostScript printers, which have a limit of about 400 sides per panel.

These three plots illustrate different ways to plot the same data.

NO This plot is called a "patch" plot. It assigns the average of the corners of each grid cell to the center of the grid cell. Patch plots are best for illustrating data that may be discontinuous (such as in this case). NO Discontinuous data must be smoothed to create a contour plot. The plot is prettier, but perhaps less informative.
3-D Map Finally, the same data can be plotted as a 3-D contour plot. In this case, we used GraphiC's 16 levels of gray to make a black and white plot. The ability to illustrate your point without using color is important if your journal does not allow color pictures, or if it charges extra for them.

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