Some GraphiC Features:

High-resolution output files
Plotting variety and versatility
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High-resolution, convertible output files:

All GraphiC plots are created with 8192 x 8192 pixels with 248 colors. The image is stored in a highly-compact vector-based metafile. The output files can be converted to ANSI standard CGM, Digital Research GEM, Hewlett Packard HPGL, Adobe encapsulated PostScript (levels 1 and 2), SCODL slide maker, and TIFF formats so that you can embed your plots into reports or other documents. GraphiC can also create PostScript color separations.

The high-resolution internal format allows a high level of magnification without any loss of information. Plots may be zoomed and the zoomed image may be printed and converted to one of the above formats.

A utility program is provided to allow you to replay the GraphiC metafile at any time and perform any of the post processing options including zooming, printing and file conversions.

The GUI versions of GraphiC support native metafiles and bitmaps. The bitmaps can be of the client area, the frame window, or the entire desktop.

Plotting variety and versatility

GraphiC has routines that create linear, log, semi-log, 3-D, 4-D, contour, polar, triangle, and 2-D and 3-D bar charts. It also creates Smith charts, error function plots, pie charts, and more.

All plots are properly labeled. Error bars can be drawn on curves. Legends can easily be created to identify multiple curves. Multiple windows can be kept blank so that you can insert text or another plot. A picture from one GraphiC plot can be inserted into another GraphiC plot.GraphiC is an excellent slide generator for scientific talks.

GraphiC supports a full set of 3-D routines for curves and surfaces, including hidden-line removal, and the projection of 2-D planes and stacked contour plots into 3-D space. The two sides of a surface can be portrayed in different colors, the individual mesh cells can be shaded, or you can create 3-D shaded contour plots. As the viewpoint is changed, axis labels are rotated for optimum visibility.

The contour plot routines allow labels of the individual contours and the use of different line types and colors for each contour, or else the space between contours can be shaded. Polar contour plots are also available.

GraphiC includes mathematical functions that can be used to help plot your data. Splines are available for 2-D and 3-D curves to interpolate and smooth data. 3-D surfaces and contour plots can be created from data that are not on a uniform grid and from random data.

With GraphiC 's routines you can easily create custom, non-standard plots to display your data with maximum impact.

GraphiC Plot Adornments

GraphiC provides many features to dress up your plots. Nine different line types and 16 curve markers can be used. Lines may also be thickened. Polygonal regions may be filled with any of 248 colors or 16 geometric patterns.

Angled string labels for 2-D and 3-D plots are implemented. Vectors may be drawn with user-selectable heads and tails. Multiple axes may be drawn for a single plot and the size and direction of the tick marks can be controlled.

Plots may be moved around on the page and multiple plots may be placed on a single page. Data may be read from a plot or entered into a plot with cross hairs.

Twenty-two vector based fonts are included with GraphiC: any four may be used simultaneously. Greek letters and math symbols are available in four fonts. The English fonts contain the European character set. An optional font editor ($50) allows you to create your own font characters or modify the provided ones.

GraphiC strings may be placed anywhere on the plot at any angle and may follow an arc of a circle. Unlimited levels of super- and sub scripts may be employed. The character attributes may be changed at any time.

GraphiC/PST is an add-on product ($59) that allows you to intermix PostScript and TrueType fonts with any of the GraphiC fonts. All of the usual GraphiC font-handling capabilities will work with these fonts.

GraphiC Fonts

GraphiC includes 22 different font styles including Greek and Math symbols. The text fonts also include the European character set. Click here to view a sample of the GraphiC character set.