Current Capabilities of GraphiC:

Since GraphiC is a library you need not limit yourself to the 'canned' plot types provided. With the lower level routines included you can design new ways to display your data for maximum impact quite easily. Following is a description of some of the major features included with GraphiC.

GraphiC has the capability of generating many types of plots:

Below are more detailed descriptions of some of the main features found in GraphiC: Linear and log plots, Curves, Vectors, Smoothing, Panel filling, Contour plots, 3-D Surfaces, Polar plots, Plume plots, Bar charts, Pie charts, Smith charts, Annotation, Fonts, Cross hairs, Output files, Post processing, Printers, plotters, and video cards.
Linear and log plots Curves Vectors Smoothing Panel filling Contour plots 3-D Surfaces Polar plots Plume plots Bar charts Pie charts Smith charts Annotation Fonts Cross hairs Pie charts Post processing Printers, plotters, and video cards
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