void wedge ( rmin, rmax, thmin, thmax, pattern, border) POLPLT.C Level 3
float rmin The minimum radius of the wedge.
float rmax The maximum radius of the wedge.
float thmin The minimum angle of the wedge (in degrees).
float thmax The maximum angle of the wedge (in degrees).
int pattern The Tektronix pattern number.
-15  0  solid colors.
1 16  patterns.
50 174 dithered colors.
200   447 RGB colors.
See panel() for an explanation of the panel filling patterns.
int border = 0 for no border.
= 1 to draw a border around the panel in the current active color.
wedge() draws a wedge-shaped region on a polar coordinate plot and fills it. Unlike a pie slice, the inner tip of 
the wedge goes only to rmin instead of 0. If thmin = thmax, a ring-shaped region will be filled.