void surmatc (zmat, xdim, ydim, ixpts, iypts)

void surmatc2 (zmat, xdim, ydim, ixpts, iypts)

D3PLT.C Level 3
float *zmat A matrix of values zmat[y][x] that determines the height of the surface from the x-y plane. zmat must be allocated as a single piece of memory in surmatc() and using dim2() in surmatc2().
int xdim, ydim The x and y dimensions of the matrix.
int ixpts The number of x points to be skipped when plotting the surface.
int iypts The number of y points to be skipped when plotting the surface.
surmatc() plots an array using all of the points in the array to calculate vector ends, but does not plot the intermediate lines specified by ixpts or iypts. This allows the plotting of a very fine mesh matrix using a coarse grid.
surmatc() allows you to make 3-D plots with curves running in one direction only. For example, the call
surmatc(griddat, DIMX, DIMY, DIMX-2, 0);
will draw curves in the x direction with no lines connecting the curves in the y direction.