void simuplot (numplots) SIMPLT.C.C Level 1
int numplots  The number of plot contexts that will appear on the screen. Set numplots = 0 to close all contexts.
simuplot() allows you to plot points simultaneously on many axes so that you can view several aspects of a long calculation simultaneously. Each subplot is placed in a separate temporary TKF file; the names and location of these files depend on your compiler and the platform. You can give each context its own TKF file by calling NewFile() within the context definition (see context()). 

When you call simuplot(0), the simultaneous plotting will end. If you have not given each context a separate file name, the separate tempory TKF files are combined into your main TKF file (in sequential order), and the temporary files are deleted. Thus, if you replay the TKF file, the plots will appear sequentially.