void setspacing(char_space, font) FNTPLT.C Level 1
int char_space = 0 to turn off constant spacing.
= -1 to select the widest character in the font as the constant space.
= any positive integer > 0 and  < 6266 to be the space in pixels (in GraphiC pixel space) to be used for each character.
unsigned char font the font selection character for the font which you want to have constant spacing.
With the use of this function, all characters in the selected font will be equally spaced. This allows you to create a table or column and have the column entries line up.

Use the routines gpcGetWidestChar() or gpcGetCharWidth() to get the width of a character to use to set the spacing to a particular character or use the number of pixels in GraphiC pixel space that you wish to use.