void panproc (void) PANFIL.C Level 3
Call panproc() after all the areas to be shaded have been defined by calls to panel(), panelinch(), and panel3d()
panproc() does the actual filling, and releases the memory that has been allocated. Since the actual filling is not done until the call to panproc(), the color specified by the last call to any one of the panel defining routines is the color that will be used to fill all of the panels. To make each panel a different color or pattern a separate call to panproc() is needed for each panel.

In the case of overlapping panels, panproc() will overwrite the previous panel. The overlap will show as the sum of the colors on dot matrix printers and pen plotters. Although this cannot be helped with pen plotters, drawing the overlapping panel in the background color [the argument to startplot()] will eliminate the problem on dot matrix printers and in some file conversions.