void line (xfrom, yfrom, xto, yto, newcurve) LINES.C Level 3
int xfrom The starting x location in pixels.
int yfrom The starting y location in pixels.
int xto The ending x location in pixels.
int yto The ending y location in pixels.
int newcurve = 0 if this line is a continuation of a curve.
= 1 if this line begins a new curve.
= 2 if this line ends a curve.
= 3 if this is an isolated line segment.
Occasionally it is more convenient to draw a line directly on the graphic bit map. line() draws a line between (xfrom
yfrom) and (xto, yto), with the dimensions given as pixels on the 8192  6267 GraphiC pixel grid. The bottom left corner is (0, 0) and the upper right is (8191, 6266) if the output page is not rotated, or (6266, 8191) if it is rotated. The line will be drawn in whatever mode (dot, dash, ...) was previously set.