void insert (readfile, picnum, llx, lly, ysize, irot) INSERT.C Level 3
char *readfile The path and name of the TKF file of the inserted picture.
int picnum The number of the desired inserted picture.
float llx, lly  The position of the lower left corner of the inserted plot in inches (or cm) on the full-page output. Setting llx to  -1.0f will center the inserted picture in the x direction.
float ysize The height of the inserted picture (in inches (or cm) on the full-page output.
int irot  Is the inserted picture rotated relative to the monitor plot? 1=yes; 0=no.
insert() is a powerful feature allowing you to postprocess plots by scaling, shifting, and combining them. Because inserted plots must fit within the plot on the screen, the inserted plots must always be reduced in size. Use of this feature is an ideal way to prepare transparencies for talks. You can take a set of ready-made plots that contain data and insert them into another frame that contains captions, explanations, and analyses. This process is much faster than recreating the original plots. See the example code in INTEST.C for an example of how to insert one plot into another plot.