void hardcopy (type) BPLT.C Level 3
char type = 'l',' m', 'L', 'M' for a printer dump.
= '0' to return GraphiC to normal interactive mode.
= 'n' to continue through the remaining pictures without hard copies. This allows you to store a series of plots in a TKF file without user intervention.
hardcopy() allows GraphiC to make unattended hard copies of each GraphiC plot. To keep your plots from crossing the page boundary, remember that one L (or l) plot or two M (or m) plots use an entire page. hardcopy() should be called before the endplot() associated with the desired picture. If you are using a plotter, the program will output a 9.0 inch by 6.884 inch output page. Plotters, laser, and PostScript printers will put only one M or m plot on a page.