int endplot(void) BPLT.C Level 3
endplot() is called after each screen of plots is completed. It writes into the TKF file all of the remaining data for the plot and returns GraphiC to Level 1 and waits for instructions from the user. endplot() resets the page rotation to its upright position. After the last page is completed, stopplot() must also be called. 

You can avoid the pause for user input by calling hardcopy('\n'). 

Under DOS and OS/2, endplot() can be used to either exit the application or return a value to the program to indicate what action should be taken. If the user enters q (in DOS), or File; Terminate (in OS/2), the program will exit. An x (in DOS) or File; Close (OS/2) will cause endplot() to call stopplot() and return a 1 to the calling program. All other choices will return a 0. 

In Windows, endplot() returns 0 unless the user has requested an abnormal exit (e.g., by double-clicking on the icon in the top-left corner of the Windows' frame).