void d3grid (subdiv, toplab) D3PLT.C Level 3
int subdiv The number of subdivisions between tick marks.
= 0 for grid lines on tick marks only.
int toplab = 0 will suppress labeling. Otherwise labels will be placed along the top of the grid to match the axis labels.
This routine can be used to grid a 3-D plot or establish a grid on which to plot a projected curve. See the example BESS.C.

To use d3grid() a 3-D workbox must exist and a call to plane3d() (see below) must be made to establish the plane to be gridded. Use grid() and xgrid() or ygrid() to specify the styles for the grid lines. Since the ?grid(), ?fgrid(), and axesoff() functions provide more flexibility and control for labeling and gridding, future versions of d3grid() will have no parameters.