void curvfill (x, y, npts, x1, y1, npts1, pcolor, curves) SVC.C Level 3
float *x, *y  The x and y vectors for the first curve.
float *x1, *y1 The x and y vectors for the second curve.
int npts The number of points in the first curve.
int npts1 The number of points in the second curve.
int pcolor The color or pattern for the fill area.
int curves = 0 if no curves are to be drawn,
= 1 if the curves are to be drawn.
The curves will be drawn in the color that was active when curvfill() was called.
curvfill() will fill the area between two curves with the desired solid color or pattern. If you have only one curve to fill, you need to define the arrays x1 and y1 with the first element at the origin and a second element at your maximum data value and the corresponding axis value. For example, if you are filling between the curve and the x axis the x1 array would contain [xorigin, xmax] and the y1 array would contain[yorigin, yorigin].