void WaterfallPlot( x, y, z, nx, ny) D3AUX.C Level 3
float *x The array of the independent variable of the curves to be drawn.
float *y The array of values on the y-axis These values will be the steps between each curve on the plot.
float **z The matrix of the dependent variable z[y][x]. This array must be allocated with dim2().
int nx The dimension of the x array.
int ny The dimension of the y array.
WaterfallPlot() is usually used to display the a profile of some physical quantity at a number of fixed times. In WaterfallPlot() [as opposed to WaterfallCurve()] the independent variable array of each individual curve must be the same for all curves. But since GraphiC has access to all of the data to be plotted, the viewpoint is not restricted.