With MESGTAB you can customize the GraphiC messages. You can add information to the messages or translate them into another language. All of the text messages GraphiC displays are contained in the file MESSAGES.DAT. You can use any text editor to modify this file. If you make changes to MESSAGES.DAT you must run MESGTAB.EXE. MESGTAB builds the message table file MESSAGES.TAB which is used by GraphiC to locate an error message in the messages file.

MESGTAB looks for MESSAGES.DAT in the current directory.

The format of MESSAGES.DAT is:
      @ number
      @message text@

The number is a letter which specifies the message type followed by a three-digit decimal integer. The letters 

M     An information or instruction message displayed on the screen.

W     For a warning message which is put in GRAPHIC.ERR but not displayed.

E      An error message that is displayed and put in GRAPHIC.ERR and allows you to quit or continue.

F      A fatal error.

The three-digit number is the error/message number.

The message is a stream of characters that is read by GraphiC and displayed when the message corresponding to number is requested. The message may contain any printable ASCII character other than @. The @ character is a delimiter and is required.